About Nåde Store

Image of Nåde Store founder, Grace



Nåde Store is a climate positive home and lifestyle store, inspired by slow Nordic living and purposeful consumption.
Nåde Store exists only in the ether of the internet (for now!), but its operations are based out of a leafy, quiet corner of North London.
The philosophy for Nåde Store is 'lagom är bäst', which means 'enough is as good as a feast'. You won't find stacks of products here, but instead, you'll see a purposeful selection of beautifully crafted items.
I look to source design-led and sustainably-made items for your home and the every day. These items are carefully selected and sourced from small-batch creators, all of whom are wonderfully talented and make unique items for you to enjoy.
Nåde Store is a climate positive business, committed to tackling the climate crisis. Find out more about how this is put into action here
And as for me, when I'm not packaging up your lovely orders, you'll find me painting, enjoying my partner's wonderful cooking, and enjoying long walks with our naughty little dog, Dot. You'll see plenty of her on my socials..!
Please don't hesitate to drop me an email, I love to say hi.

Grace x